Greetings Chess Players!

The Red Rose Chess Club convenes weekly throughout the year.  The club is a registered affiliate of US Chess.  It hosts the annual Lancaster County Chess Championship as well as other USCF-rated events.

Please come out and join us at our next meeting.   Chess players of all skill and experience are welcome!

Tournament Signup

 We are currently taking Regular/On-site registration for the following tournament:

** Note:  Registration open until April 7 (start of Round 2) **

** New Location:  Lancaster Catholic High School ** 

  1. March 24 – May 26: Lancaster County Championship (69th year) This historic, friendly, and unique tournament is open to all players!  Occurring every other Friday night in Spring, this tournament provides an opportunity to play a traditional chess game at longer time controls – up to a 5 hour game.

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Click Here for a list of Signups! (May not include on-site registrations!)